Catching a Viral Wave
with an Online Platform



We supported a technology start-up that was developing an innovative blogging and content sharing website. Their objective was to identify the types of users that could become their early adopters and help them go viral.



The co-founders of this VC-backed venture were investing all of their time and resources in developing the technology of their product. They turned to First Step Consulting to understand different user segments, specify their target audience, and meet the demands of their users.



Our consultants created sub-groups of UK-based consumers based upon defined criteria, such as user habits, demographics and online behaviour.

In collaboration with our client, we specified nineteen user segments that were likely to be targeted in the short term.

Over the course of six weeks, we quantitatively analysed the user segments that were most likely to become loyal and active users of our client’s web platform.

Furthermore, our consulting team undertook a competitive analysis of the existing user base of popular blogging and content-sharing platforms as well as social media aggregators. This also included an analysis of bloggers on a global scale.

Our work enabled the client to better understand the demographics that are likely to create, curate and share online content, and to actively use their publishing platform.

Upon the successful completion of the project, the co-founders were pleased with the results and recommended us to more than ten other British entrepreneurs.





“We worked with First Step Consulting to discover the customer segments we should target and identify the most important product applications for a new Internet publishing platform. I can say that the results far exceeded our expectations. Our overall impression is that they are a highly capable and professional organisation who deliver excellent results."

— Chief Technology Officer, UK Digital Start-up

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