Expanding the Reach of a
Global Membership Body



We served one of the largest professional associations in Europe. The client worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping them to develop their management capabilities and raise their professional standards. Despite being a world-renowned professional body, representing more than 25,000 professional managers and leaders, the organisation was still required to outperform its competitors and further expand its global reach.



Our client was determined to increase its membership base and wanted to better understand the differences between itself and similar associations. In order to maintain their reputation as a leading membership body, they had to respond to the changing expectations of their existing and prospective members and keep ahead of their direct competitors.



In November 2015 we commenced a project to analyse our client’s direct competitors and their potential future partners across various countries, such as India and Malaysia. Our team quickly compiled a list of thirty competitors and investigated their membership structure, service packages and marketing strategies. The team also identified approximately twenty-five professional membership bodies for which our client had potential compatibility for future partnerships, and we explored the ways in which they could nurture a mutually beneficial relationship. Eventually a highly detailed report containing over 60 pages was produced.

At the end of the project, our team met with the client in their head office to present the findings. Our client was impressed with the outcome and quality of our work, and promptly commissioned a second, follow-up project with us.

In this second project, we were asked to explore whether our client could diversify its membership base by introducing a new membership package that would be specifically tailored for UK students. To discuss what that proposition should include, we started the project with another consulting team and carried out comprehensive primary research to explore the true needs and expectations of UK students. More than four hundred students based in the UK were interviewed and their responses were carefully analysed. Our findings, along with numerous strategic recommendations, were then presented to the client.

We helped our client design a more appealing membership package and, therefore, diversify its membership base. Having started three projects with this global professional association in the last couple of years, First Step Consulting maintains a good relationship with the client which continues to go from strength to strength.





"We were pleasantly surprised when we read their first report. It was highly detailed and provided us with many interesting findings. We are happy to collaborate with First Step Consulting, their team works diligently."

— Senior Executive, Global Membership Body

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