Exploring the Future of the Beverage Industry



A leading multinational company in the beverage industry was developing a strategy for the coming five years. We helped our client identify the emerging trends and opportunities within their industry and conducted in-depth market analysis.



The client was a multi-million pound business that had been operating in the beverage industry for more than one hundred years. As some of their competitors - some much younger than themselves - were experiencing faster growth and occupying a greater market share, there was a clear need for a revitalised investment strategy. They required a fresh perspective on the global beverage industry to identify the rising opportunities.



We gathered a vast amount of information for the beverage market in 80 different countries and analysed the emerging trends. The team also examined the main players in each market segment and the impact of the latest technological changes with reference to the beverage industry. In addition, we investigated major suppliers in this industry to study the likelihood of consolidation in the next ten years.

Just before the client’s annual board meeting in the United States, our team met the company’s Chief Executive Officer at their UK head office in the East of England to give a presentation. A final report, which presents our findings and recommendations in over 400 pages, was also submitted. The CEO reported that they used our findings and suggestions extensively whilst developing their overarching strategy, and consequently commissioned a follow-up project.

In this second project, we were asked to explore lucrative investment opportunities in six emerging economies specifically — China, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil. We created a new consulting team and investigated consumer demand, market sizes, trends, entry barriers, and competitors to discuss the risks and opportunities in these markets.

To thoroughly dissect the investment opportunities in the target countries, our consultants used more than 50 indicators, such as market concentration rates, sales volumes, and per capita consumption, in their analysis. Over 1,400 raw data inputs were gathered and we developed a highly comprehensive index, which allowed us to calculate the attractiveness scores of the markets we investigated with consistency and precision.

Our deliverables were examined by a team of business analysts working at this corporation and their Director of Sales and Purchasing confirmed that First Step Consulting managed to gather some very useful intelligence that they will look to use to develop their strategies in overseas markets. We are still in contact with the client and are likely to start more projects in the near future.





“I am impressed with the quality and robustness of the report provided and have read every word with great interest. The findings have sparked questions which I have posed to my commercial leaders within our business. I would like to congratulate First Step Consulting again for their excellent work.”

— Chief Executive Officer, Multinational Corporation

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