Impressing Coffee Lovers with
a New Positioning Strategy



In this project, we worked with a coffee shop chain in London to find out how to attract loyal customers and captivate them in unexpected ways. Our team discovered missed sales opportunities and formulated a plan to help the client deliver outstanding customer service. 



Since many of their branches were situated next to university campuses, the client wanted to appeal to more young consumers in particular. They approached First Step Consulting after they realised that a brand-new customer strategy was required to achieve their targets.



In order to gain a detailed understanding of the client’s regular customers, our consultants surveyed all of their branches, posing as real shoppers. This enabled us to identify how our client’s staff interact with customers and how effectively disputes and complaints were handled.

Our next task was to learn more about customer expectations and attitudes using a combination of online surveys and street interviews. 2,000+ London-based university students responded to our survey and we carried out in-depth discussions with a sample of our client’s existing customers. We asked questions about their preferences of food and drink, as well as more specific questions relating to our client and their brand.

In addition, our team had discussions with members of staff about the challenges their company faces and ways they could improve the customer experience. This was followed by a discussion of local competitors and other notable food and drink companies.

Bringing together all research findings gathered throughout this process, our consulting team helped shape the positioning strategy of this cafe chain. We helped our client encourage customers to spend more, make repeat visits and actively share their positive experiences.





"This team has enabled us to look at our business through the lens of our customers for the first time ever and the results are gratifying. We will continue to implement your recommendations. Thank you for all your hard work."

— Owner, Small Business

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