Reshaping an Ambitious
Trade Association



A UK-based professional membership body was determined to expand their membership base, maximise member engagement and double their revenue.

We carried out research to help define their target audience and make known the expectations of current and prospective members to them. A detailed plan of action was put into place to help grow their membership base and to revitalise their brand identity.



It was crucial to establish an understanding of professionals who may be inclined to become a member of our client. We had to identify their aspirations and needs, and the distinct qualities they seek in a membership body. The goal was to help this organisation plan for the future and this  could only be accomplished by improving the membership benefits and services they offer.



An initial meeting was held to discuss the association’s plans and ambitions with the client team. Our consultants then created an electronic survey which was sent to hundreds of the client’s existing members. This was followed by 40+ in-depth interviews conducted with a selection of their most engaged members.

We carefully analysed over 350 survey responses, along with the information we received during the interviews, before organising a second client meeting.

Based on our initial findings, we discussed the type of professionals our client could target and created buyer personas to better understand each segment. Our consulting team also collated statistics on the varying segments, including demographic figures.

Once we relayed these preliminary results to our client, our team carried out street interviews with professionals based in London and gathered 1,500 responses.

During the final client meeting, we discussed the demands of potential members, the type of professionals they should target, and the membership packages they should offer. Our client also followed our guide to refresh their brand identity and to update their channels of communication with members.

Two months later, we received an exclusive invitation to contribute to a workshop that was organised by their senior management to help determine the organisation’s future strategy.





“I am happy to recommend First Step Consulting. The project was completed to a high standard. Every effort was made to achieve the desired result. Their consultants ask the right questions and work relentlessly to deliver powerful insights.”

— CEO, Professional Association

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