Smashing Tired Taboos with a Social Enterprise



A recently established social enterprise was determined to smash tired taboos and help every woman have safe, healthy periods free from prejudice. They offered a subscription service for period boxes and delivered their products to customers through the post every 28 days. The client’s greatest challenge to being successful was avoiding harmful competition.



All of our client’s products were environmentally friendly and tailored to the needs of their customers. They wanted to empower women across the world and pledged to give at least 20% of their profits to causes dedicated to this goal. Yet the industry was characterised by very high brand loyalty due to the perceived trust in the quality of known products, so it was hard for our client to establish a foothold in this market and achieve brand recognition and growth.



To help our client disrupt and re-define the sanitary product industry, we conducted extensive competitive analysis, with a key focus on brands, which supported this young social enterprise to steer their strategy in the right direction.

Our research intensively examined the UK based competitors of our client, specifically focussing on their offerings, price points, and marketing and branding strategies. The analysis that our team produced helped to highlight key lessons from direct competitors as well as organisations with similar subscription-based business models, which our client was able to incorporate into their existing strategic thinking. FSC utilised its findings to formulate competitive strategy recommendations that would enable our client to thrive as well as survive in this sector. The team also compiled a follow-up report that focused specifically on the ways in which the company could attract a higher number of loyal subscribers and use its website more effectively.

The client recently published an updated website and confirmed that our report was really comprehensive and exactly what they were hoping for, especially around marketing strategies of the competitors, and that First Step Consulting helped them access a wealth of information.





"First Step Consulting did a competitive analysis for us and demonstrated excellent skills in terms of understanding the brief, even though the market is not an obvious one and the competition landscape is complex. They were able to address specific problems and put together a great list of suggestions."

— Founder, Social Enterprise

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