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Fundraising Strategy

At a time when financial resources are stretched and there are many good causes vying for public support, every forward-looking nonprofit must have a robust and well-designed fundraising strategy. Fundraising efforts can no longer be based on instincts alone.

Partnering with purposeful organisations, such as charities and social enterprises, we explore new funding sources and find effective ways to engage with donors and other stakeholders. Our consultants ultimately help clients improve their fundraising capabilities and financial stability. As a mission-driven nonprofit, we make every effort to support organisations in the third sector.

What We Do



Our projects typically begin with a detailed assessment of the fundraising activities currently undertaken by clients and their past achievements. As we help our clients take a step back to review their current strategy and fundraising data, we identify any shortcomings and generate actionable recommendations to improve their fundraising capacity. This analysis allows us to discuss how our clients stack up compared to leading nonprofits.



Our consultants then carry out extensive research for several weeks on charitable giving and philanthropy, latest fundraising trends, and best practices in fundraising. We carefully identify and examine the type of institutions and individuals that could possibly support our clients and segment donors based on key characteristics. Our consulting teams additionally conduct primary research to explore the expectations of existing or potential donors and supporters of clients.



Once we analyse our research findings in detail, we partner with clients to formulate multifaceted fundraising strategies. Our consultants help them set fundraising objectives correctly, understand the concerns of potential donors, and deliver the right message to the right audience through effective channels. We help our clients diversify their income streams and become financially stable with well-planned fundraising efforts.



After optimising the fundraising strategies of our clients, we take a closer look at some specific donor segments and collate a plethora of information to thoroughly analyse potential donors. Our teams also have the ability to specifically identify major donors and examine alternative funding sources, such as grant opportunities. We always work closely with our clients at this stage and present our findings in the right format.

Results You Can Expect

Our clients see improvements in the following areas.

Fundraising Efficiency
Social Impact Level
Income Diversification

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



We helped a Kenyan social enterprise to translate its vision of empowering African women and encourage conscious consumerism into a viable business strategy. We identified and analysed key target markets for their natural handmade hair and beauty products.
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The client was a UK-based social venture on a mission to disrupt the female sanitary product industry with their environmentally friendly products and subscription based business model. We recommended a well-devised strategy to create sustainable competitive edge.
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