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Health Tech Economics

Companies and inventors developing new medical products or technologies, such as healthcare start-ups, work around the clock to improve the standards of medical care and health outcomes. They need to perfect the technology, generate clinical evidence and commercialise innovation, all simultaneously in a highly complex and regulated industry. What they also need is a thorough assessment of healthcare needs and patient pathways to precisely calculate the economic value their inventions can deliver.

Our consulting teams have a demonstrated ability to rigorously analyse the economic worth of medical products and technologies. We help clients illustrate how they can bring significant cost savings to the healthcare industry and enhance patient well-being.

What We Do



To grasp the transformational potential of medical technologies and products developed by our clients, we undertake in-depth research for several weeks and gather a wealth of information. Our consultants meticulously review academic papers, audit reports, datasets and statistics from credible sources and contact healthcare professionals or patients to conduct extensive primary research.



After we collate and assess our research findings, our consultants engage in patient segmentation and map out a patient’s average journey of care from diagnosis to after-care. By outlining all relevant medical and administrative procedures, we explore how our clients could help redesign care pathways and improve the patient experience. Throughout this process, we partner with clients and learn from their expertise when possible.



Once we gain a fundamental understanding of patient pathways, we systematically evaluate the cost-effectiveness of current healthcare treatments. To pinpoint the economic value our clients can add to the healthcare system, we assess the likely impact of their medical solutions on patient care and create dynamic financial models that are mindful of numerous variables and parameters.



Finally, our consulting teams help clients communicate the potential of their medical products and technologies in a cohesive way to relevant stakeholders, including investors. We ensure that our clients can adopt an effective strategy to approach each stakeholder and put forward their case convincingly using the data at hand. This involves detailing what value our clients can bring to healthcare providers and patients, and how they can build a prosperous business.

Results You Can Expect

Our clients see improvements in the following areas.

Product Validation
Investor Support
Economic Impact

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



We helped a start-up, which had developed a medical device with the potential to vastly decrease the cost of amputee care, to quantify the economic impact of their technology. Our research findings were validated by industry professionals and healthcare experts.
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The client was a promising UK healthcare start-up that had developed an instant cancer diagnostic tool. Their team needed assistance to calculate the potential impact of their technology for reducing the cost of patient care and shortening waiting times.
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