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Product Development

Over a third of new products fail and this is a conservative estimate. Even the most innovative products sometimes fail and there are a myriad reasons as to why they are unsuccessful in the marketplace. But we are convinced that failed products have something in common: the value they may bring are not easily recognised by customers.

For that reason, we work with our clients to unveil latent and explicit customer needs and wants. We revise their existing product development strategies, gauge demand for new products, and help bring distinctive products to the market in the right way.

What We Do



There are many stages involved in the development of new products and each stage is critical to launch successful products. We therefore help our clients critically review their current product development strategy to identify ways to optimise it. This takes place through a series of workshops, leadership interviews and diagnostic surveys. Additionally, our consultants fully immerse themselves in the product development processes of clients by performing project deep dives.



Customer research and feedback must be an integral part of product development processes and consumer needs must skilfully be translated into product features. To decode consumer demand, our teams use various research methods and statistical techniques, such as hall tests, ethnographic market research and conjoint analysis. In doing so, we produce valuable insights and help clients adopt a customer-centric approach to product development.



Furthermore, we investigate the competitors of our clients paying particular focus to their existing product portfolios. We perform a comprehensive assessment of both the positive features and shortcomings of products presently available in the market in order to help understand consumer habits and their proclivities to purchase goods and services. Our consulting teams help clients build unique and innovative products this way.



We ultimately help our clients recalibrate their products and put customers at the heart of their product development. Our consultants help clients focus on the right segments, tailor their products to consumer preferences, and differentiate themselves from the competition. By studying the successful and failed launches of products that are similar to that of our clients, we also help mitigate the risks involved in bringing new products to market.

Results You Can Expect

Our clients see improvements in the following areas.

Product Differentiation
Product-Market Fit
Resource Efficiency

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



FSC helped a language services provider attempting to break into the US market with their pioneering translation technology. Our consultants conducted extensive market analysis, investigating competitors and helping our client to devise a go-to-market strategy.
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A digital startup had developed a revolutionary blogging and content sharing platform but needed help identify and approach its target audience. Our consultants processed large quantities of data – dividing UK residents into key user segments for the client.
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