Empower your portfolio companies
with our support.

Empower your portfolio companies
with our support.

Equity Investors

At First Step Consulting, we have worked with a large number of investor-backed companies and served both individual and institutional investors, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity funds. Hence our team has cultivated a clear understanding of the challenges that face most equity investors and their portfolio companies, from start-ups and scale-ups to established businesses. 

As we have the ability to serve clients of all sizes, we are well-positioned to help investors enhance the value of their portfolio companies. We help equity investors maximise their return on investment by working closely with their portfolio companies to address business challenges from a new perspective and to make more strategic decisions.

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



Our client was a new venture capital fund with over $5M to invest in early-stage technology companies in Silicon Valley. We analysed over 4,000 recent investment rounds and interviewed US-based entrepreneurs to identify the most promising sectors for investment.
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FSC helped a language services provider attempting to break into the US market with their pioneering translation technology. Our consultants conducted extensive market analysis, investigating competitors and helping our client to devise a go-to-market strategy.
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