Succeed with innovative,
customer-centric products.

Succeed with innovative,
customer-centric products.

Hardware Start-ups

Most hardware start-ups are challenged by high product development and manufacturing costs and often a low initial ROI. A large number of factors influence new product success and failure. This creates a difficult balancing act for early-stage ventures as they try to perfect their products and maintain excitement after their initial product launch.

At First Step Consulting we understand the difficulties many start-ups face, so we deploy our capabilities towards helping hardware start-ups to develop customer-centric products and effective business strategies. In particular, our consulting teams work with clients to understand how their products can succed in the market. We also help hardware start-ups differentiate themselves from the competition, build powerful brand identities, and formulate winning go-to-market strategies.

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



We helped a start-up, which had developed a medical device with the potential to vastly decrease the cost of amputee care, to quantify the economic impact of their technology. Our research findings were validated by industry professionals and healthcare experts.
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The client was a UK-based social venture on a mission to disrupt the female sanitary product industry with their environmentally friendly products and subscription based business model. We recommended a well-devised strategy to create sustainable competitive edge.
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