Enhance the value you create,
transform lives.

Enhance the value you create,
transform lives.

Healthcare Start-ups

The healthcare industry is challenged by severe resource burdens which put great restraints on finances, medical staff, and ultimately patient well-being. Healthcare startups hold the key to the future of this industry but face a plethora of difficulties in achieving their vision. These include navigating the intense regulatory environment, aligning their services with the strategy of major healthcare providers and investors, and managing the corporate realities of operating a business whilst remaining dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that transform patient lives.

Our consulting teams support healthcare startups in addressing their challenges by providing extensive market research and economic assessments. We specifically help founders build compelling value propositions with real-world evidence and communicate with stakeholders in an effective way.

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



We helped a start-up, which had developed a medical device with the potential to vastly decrease the cost of amputee care, to quantify the economic impact of their technology. Our research findings were validated by industry professionals and healthcare experts.
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The client was a promising UK healthcare start-up that had developed an instant cancer diagnostic tool. Their team needed assistance to calculate the potential impact of their technology for reducing the cost of patient care and shortening waiting times.
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