Expand your reach,
maximise your efficiency.

Expand your reach,
maximise your efficiency.

Membership Bodies

Having worked with numerous membership bodies, we realise that it is increasingly challenging for them to meet changing expectations and outperform competition. Many membership bodies need to revisit their business strategies to grow their membership base, diversify their income streams, and achieve their mission. Our team has successfully demonstrated the ability to support ambitious membership bodies in this turbulent time. 

We help membership bodies identify the needs of their current and prospective members and devise strategic plans to optimise member engagement. We further assist them in improving their CPD schemes, developing compelling value propositions, and revitalising their brands. Importantly, we understand the financial strain on membership bodies and therefore offer uniquely cost-effective services. 

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



One of the largest European professional membership bodies was looking to expand its membership base. We investigated the services and strategies of their competitors, discovered potential future partners, and helped design new membership packages.
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A digital startup had developed a revolutionary blogging and content sharing platform but needed help identify and approach its target audience. Our consultants processed large quantities of data – dividing UK residents into key user segments for the client.
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