Grow a big company 
starting small.

Grow a big company
starting small.

Small Businesses

We believe all forward-thinking small businesses need effective business strategies to stand out in today’s competitive world. That is why our consulting teams bring a fresh pair of eyes to help our clients overcome critical challenges, make better business decisions, and achieve lasting and profitable growth. 

From up-and-coming food and drink businesses to ambitious service companies to growing players in the hospitality industry, we cooperate with many types of small businesses with big visions and go to great lengths to help them fulfil their aspirations.

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



FSC helped a language services provider attempting to break into the US market with their pioneering translation technology. Our consultants conducted extensive market analysis, investigating competitors and helping our client to devise a go-to-market strategy.
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A China-based venture that aimed to connect worldwide fashion designers with Chinese manufacturers had been struggling to attract UK designers to use its platform. We interviewed over 50 British fashion designers to help the client incentivise potential users.
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