Build a prosperous 
business that does good.

Build a prosperous
business that does good.

Social Enterprises

Being a social enterprise ourselves, we experience the twists and turns of growing a social venture every day and fully understand the challenges facing social entrepreneurs in particular. That is why we believe our team is uniquely positioned to help other social enterprises achieve major commercial success, which is essential to amplify the impact they are making.

Our consultants help social enterprises encapsulate their purpose, build distinguishable brand identities, and effectively communicate their contributions to society. We also work with our clients to increase and diversify their income by improving their revenue models and overarching business strategies. 

Purposeful social enterprises can greatly transform communities and we strive to help them become as efficient as possible and economically sustainable. 

Selected Projects

We develop strategies that don’t just look good on paper.



We helped a Kenyan social enterprise to translate its vision of empowering African women and encourage conscious consumerism into a viable business strategy. We identified and analysed key target markets for their natural handmade hair and beauty products.
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The client was a UK-based social venture on a mission to disrupt the female sanitary product industry with their environmentally friendly products and subscription based business model. We recommended a well-devised strategy to create sustainable competitive edge.
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